Sewer and Storm Drain System Cleaning

Our Enductor trucks are equipped to service and clean sewer and storm drain systems for both residential and commercial customers. Our experience includes all different types of systems. Regular maintenance will increase lifespan and efficiency. We are able to use high-pressure water jetting to clear clogs and remove blockages. If you are experiencing frequent clogs or water back ups, call our professionals to assess the problem and provide efficient and cost effective solutions.

  • Catch Basin/Storm Cleaning & Repair
  • Sewer System Cleaning & Repair
  • Line Jetting from 2.5″ to 200″ pipes
  • Bio-Swale & Retention Pond Cleaning
  • Retention Vault Cleaning
  • Fresh Water Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Certified Contech Vault and Filter Cleaning

Hydro Excavation

Drain-Pro Inc.’s enductor trucks use pressurized water and an industrial vacuum to break up and remove soil and debris. Hydro excavation eliminates the use of sharp or metal edges that can damage underground utilities and cause digging accidents. These trucks allow our team to complete jobs efficiently with accuracy and safety, top of mind. Our technicians can service commercial and residential clients with a wide range of applications.

  • Potholing
  • Exposing Utilities
  • Soil Trenching
  • Pole Installation
  • Cold Weather Digging
  • Debris Removal

Additional Specialty Services

Additional specialty Services are available upon request. To learn more about our wet and dry vacuum truck services, contact us today at 866.721.4489.

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