We’ve all been there, you start your shower, wait for the water to warm up and then when you get in, you step into inches of standing water.  A clogged or blocked drain is a common problem; think about how much we rinse down our sink, bathtub and shower drains on a daily basis.  Going for the store-bought liquid drain cleaner might sound like the best idea but we are here to tell you that those liquid drain cleaners can be dangerous and damaging to your home.

Crazy Chemicals

Liquid drain cleaners definitely do the job of clearing out your clog or blockage and you can thank highly toxic chemicals such as lye and hydrochloric acid for that.  They are designed to burn through the hair or food that is causing the blockage in your pipes but did you know that the chemical reaction gets so hot, that it actually exceeds the heat limit for your pipes themselves?  That’s right, the extreme heat caused by lye and hydrochloric acid can actually crack toilet bowls, soften PVC pipes and break down the glue that holds your pipes together.

Keep Your Family Safe

Another worrisome thing about liquid drain cleaners is that you cannot be certain that the cleaners make their way completely down your drain or toilet bowl.  This can leave your family exposed to harmful chemical fumes or when they turn the water on, the liquid drain cleaner can splash back up towards you or get into your child’s bathwater, causing skin burns.

Keep the Environment Safe

Something to always keep in mind is that anything that you put down your drain can eventually end up in the surrounding environment.  These chemicals pose a risk to the plant life, animal life and the ecosystem outside your home.  Liquid drain cleaners that erode through your pipes can make its way directly into the soil in your backyard.  And, if you choose to recycle your liquid drain cleaner bottle, even a small amount of residue left in the bottle can be dangerous as it makes its way to the landfill and recycling center.

What to Do With Your Clog or Blockage?

Hot water and a plunger are the first step in clearing a blockage in any drain.  If the problem persists, it could be more than just a buildup in your pipes and will need to be looked at by a professional.  Drain-Pro Inc.’s technicians are well-trained and experienced in cleaning all types of drain clogs. Contact Drain-Pro, Inc. – Washington for drain cleaning services.