Anyone with a commercial kitchen knows that grease build-up can be a nightmare, but did you know that many municipalities have set up laws to prevent grease from entering the sewer systems?

The main function of grease equipment is to prevent fats, oils, and grease from entering the sewer system.  If your grease equipment isn’t functioning properly not only are you risking a violation but, you are potentially adding to back-ups in your community’s sewer lines.  This is why many municipalities have put laws into place, to prevent health and property damage concerns due to back-ups.

Grease traps are installed inside commercial kitchens to collect grease from sinks and/or larger grease interceptors are installed outside of the establishment if the grease output is much larger.  Both types of equipment must be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to stay in compliance with many local laws as well as to keep your business functioning efficiently.

It is extremely important to have a professional inspect and clean your grease equipment. Drain-Pro Inc. is highly skilled and experienced when it comes to grease equipment.  We have even modified and lowered a specialty grease pumping truck to be able to enter under ground parking garages and hard to reach locations. This gives us the ability to service customers in metropolitan areas with efficiency.

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